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Getting started with WiseStamp email signature generator

How to create an email signature?

  • Sign up using Gmail, Facebook or your email account.
  • Fill in your signature details.
  • Click “OK, I’m done.”
  • Choose your email client & click “Continue.”
  • Add the WiseStamp extension.
  • Refresh your mail program and compose a new email, you’ll see your signature at the bottom.

How to create an Outlook signature?

  • Open the WiseStamp email signature maker and click on “Manage email clients”.
  • Choose the yellow Outlook option (a Pro feature).
  • Click on your signature, select (ctrl+A/⌘+A) and copy (ctrl+C/⌘+C)..
  • Open Outlook and compose a new email.
  • Under “Message” click “Signature” and then “Signatures.”
  • Click “New,” name your signature (e.g. “my sig”), and paste (ctrl+V/⌘+V).
  • Press “OK” and your signature will appear in your next Outlook email.

How to create a Gmail signature?

  • In the WiseStamp email signature creator, fill your details & design your signature.
  • Spice up your signature with designer made templates and email apps.
  • Once you are done, click on “OK I’m done.” the email signature creator will instantly generate your signature.
  • Choose Gmail as your email provider, follow the steps to install the WiseStamp extension.
  • Refresh your Gmail and compose a new email. You’ll see your signature at the bottom.

How to design an email signature?

  • Create your email signature using WiseStamp's email signature maker by filling in the desired information.
  • Choose your signature template.
  • Select font size.
  • Add your social icons and select a size.
  • Add your photo or logo.
  • Select your template color.
  • Click “OK, I’m done” / “Save changes”. The email signature generator will instantly create your signature - ready to be exported to any mail platform
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